Why do this?

Ok, so one day we decided to take a regular and make it electric, so instead of using gas we plug it in at night. In technical terms, we want to convert a car from a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine (ICE) to a rechargeable electric vehicle (EV). Why?

  • Why not?!
  • Because we know that burning dinosaur juice (oil) pollutes the environment.
  • Because we are concerned about the environment, but are not willing to give up cars and driving.
  • Because we are done with waiting for the car companies to sell us a good electric car.
  • To prove that it can be done: If two regular guys can do it then why can’t the car companies?
  • To find a way to quit this gasoline and oil addiction we have (click here for dramatic music).
  • To recycle: we are going to take a car that would end up junked and put it back on the road, instead of buying a new one.
  • To prove that electric cars don’t have to be ugly, weird, slow or any of that bad rep they have.
  • To promote alternative transportation and educate people on EV technology (as we learn, because it’s not like we know it yet!).
  • To create a website that will teach step-by-step how to build an EV and empower and motivate people (yes, you!) to start their own EV projects.
  • To support the Miami green movement (go green, baby)
  • To do something different, interesting and that has potential to make a difference (more of a personal reason, really)
  • Because gas hit $4/gal in Miami Beach. Do we need to say more?


This ain’t no golf cart

Our mission is to end up with a car that can go as fast or faster than the original and that looks and drives the same way, no weird slow stuff. More details on this in the Specs page.


Why EV?

When we decided to start this project we were questioned:

  • Why don’t you do it with using biodiesel with recycled McDonalds fryer oil?
  • Why can’t you just make it a hybrid? Those are cool, right?
  • Why not generate hydrogen and fuel it with that!?

The simple answer is because we are not crazy and like to simplify our lives, not make them more complex. People, let’s face it, we are driving around with a machine that EXPLODES many times per second and carry a big tank of intensely flammable liquid in the back. Even though regular cars are safe and all, they are extremely complicated with millions of tiny moving parts that require maintenance, replacement and care.

If we went with any of the technologies in the list (which we support and think are way better technologies for the environment than gasoline alone) we would be adding more parts to the already complicated design of our car.


Why are EVs simpler?

  • no gas or gas tank
  • no oil or oil pumps and filters
  • no air filters
  • no belts
  • no radiator and coolant
  • only one moving part in the motor (the shaft)

All these differences give the EV less maintenance costs less parts to replace. This means that not only we are helping the environment by not burning fuel, but also by generating less waste and reducing the need for spare parts. Sure, batteries die eventually and you cant recharge them anymore, but they can be recycled.

Also, because of their design EVs are up to 92% efficient. This means that 92% of every bit of energy used goes to move the car, only 8% is lost as heat. A nice efficient gasoline engine can be up to 18% efficient, so only 18 cents out of every dollar go to move the car, the rest just heats up the atmosphere.